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Executive Committee

The success of Libertalia is attributed to the expertise, dedication, and visionary leadership of our team. Our exceptional leaders who bring a wealth of experience and a passion for real estate to guide us towards excellence.


We will continue to embrace innovation, invest in ground breaking ideas, and create value for shareholders, partners, and the communities we serve. Through responsible and ethical practices, we aim to build lasting relationships with our partners while fostering a culture of empowerment, diversity, and continuous improvement. 

As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to our core values of integrity, excellence, and responsibility. 

Visionary Leadership

Kyle Mckay 
Managing Director
  • Kyle McKay is the driving force behind the operational excellence at Libertalia. With his extensive background in team management and business analysis, he oversees the day-to-day operations, implements effective systems and processes, and fosters a culture of collaboration and growth within the organisation. 

Kyle Mendes
Marketing Director
  • Kyle Mendes is a dynamic Marketing Director at Libertalia Group, whose journey in this role has been profoundly shaped by his unwavering passion for branding and marketing, complemented by his academic foundation in the form of a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

  • Thembisa Kunene is the visionary behind Libertalia. With his extensive background in business management and real estate, Thembisa Winston Kunene has built a reputation for his exceptional leadership skills and deep understanding of market dynamics. As CEO of Libertalia, he sets the strategic direction of the organization, drives innovation, and ensures the delivery of unparalleled service to our clients. 

Thembisa Kunene
Group CEO
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