Business Meeting

Property Investment Course

Libertalia has been helping investors build an in-depth understanding of the property industry for over 5 years. We have now put together a package that will take new aspiring property investors and show them exactly how to get started...

 We are also offering a Lifetime mentorship ,which will be available to individuals that would like Libertalia to work hand-in-hand alongside them.

Who is this course for?

This course is design and catered for individuals that are looking to dive into the property investing world. Libertalia takes the individual through each step that needs to be addressed in order to run a successful portfolio of investment properties. Our team also offers free assistance alongside this course ,to ensure that the investor is making the right choice when choosing their first investment property.

Classroom Lecture

Recorded Lecture given by our Group Executive 

A lecture giving you in-depth steps to understand where to start when diving into your property journey. 

Team Meeting

Lifetime Mentorship

This mentorship allows Libertalia to work hand-in-hand alongside you well you take your property investment journey.

People in Library

Our Guide written by a  Financial Team

We supply a book that has been written by our skilled team taking the individual through each and every step.

"The major fortunes in America have been made in land."

-John D. Rockefeller-


What does the individual receive? 

Lifetime Mentorship

How to Invest Property Guide

Recorded lecture walking individuals through each step 

Indepth training onwhat makes a successful investment portfolio

Access to 2 ebooks


Once-off payment

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