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About us...



Libertalia is a private company that offers the best source of the most exclusive real estate in South Africa as well as other investment opportunities to grow your portfolio. As an intermediary company, we also specialise in the expertise of Finance and Consultation.

Driven by customer service and tech advancement, we also provide a wealth of services that supply the needs of the general consumer and real estate related stakeholders.

Our Vision

Libertalia’s vision is to be the leading Finance and Real Estate organization to enrich every mind in the African continent.

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Track record

Libertalia has tackled the industry for the past 4 years. In that time, we have noticed faults within the industry so we asked ourselves " How can we make an impact in the property industry, as well as provide value to today's youth?".With that question in mind, we put together a business model that has revolutionised the property industry.


During Libertalia's journey we have experienced massive milestones that we would love to share with you. Without these achievements, we would no be where we are today. We believe that each achievement, no matter how small it might be - is worth celebrating.

why libertalia?

Libertalia is south Africa's first one-stop shop for all your property needs. We do not just focus on property sales, rentals and everything in-between but we also allow our clients to apply for a home loan directly through us. This provides ultimate conveniences when shopping for your dream home.

oUR family

Our team is built using South Africa's finest property specialists. With a team spanning all over the country, no matter where you might be we will always be right by your doorstep.


Libertalia’s mission is to transform the African economy by providing a wealth of services and expert knowledge to a society that is driven by innovation, change and opportunities.