Board of Directors

The Libertalia Group has a pioneering board of directors that embraces the multi-cultural diversity of 

the Real Estate Industry. We strive to embody the inclusivity and equity of our workforce with support, prioritization and investment to represent the future direction of our South African ecomony.

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Thembisa Winston Kunene Group Executive | CEO


Mhlonishwa (Thembisa) Winston Kunene was born in 1997. The property sector has been his passion for the last 5 years, with a focus on expanding and creating new opportunities for the driven generation and sharing his success through his entrepreneurial journey dating back to his school career where he sold beverages and other refreshments sparked by his passion for selling which was brought to his attention. Thembisa has found his purpose as an entrepreneur within the industry.

Training & Expertise

Expertise within the finance and property sectors allow for an extraordinary skill in communication and guidance within each of those sectors.

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Kyle Mckay
Managing Director | Co-Founder


Kyle was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1999 and has been there ever since. Within the last 4 years, Kyle's passion has been to tackle the property sector within South Africa head-on. His aim is to expand his team, creating new job opportunities within SA and expose the property sector to the youth. Kyle is head of operations here at Libertalia and ensures that each move forward is calculated and precise.

Training & Expertise

Expertise within Team management and Business Analysis allows for extraordinary skill in group trajectory and guidance that allows Libertalia and its team to grow.